Funding Rehabilitation & Education 

Help Hate Out Of Winston give our youth a second chance to become proud, productive citizens.

Hate Out of Winston is committed to pursuing programs that are proven to increase access and improve outcomes for members of Winston’s Black community. As a result, we are determined for City Council to increase funding for 2 pre-existing programs with mostly Black participants: SOAR and YouthBuild. SOAR, or Successful Outcomes After Release, is a program aimed to help people who have been incarcerated get job training, work experience, and personal development in order to reduce their odds of becoming re-incarcerated. In addition to being employed by City departments with benefits for 6 months, SOAR also provides mentors, lessons in financial literacy, resume workshops, and conflict resolution training. In 2019 - 2020, 128 people who applied for SOAR were eligible, but due to funding deficits, only 8 were served. YouthBuild is a national program that has been extremely underfunded since 2015. Typical YouthBuild programs provide vocational training in the field of construction with the goal of improving housing options for the community while giving young people ages 16-24 without high school diplomas a brighter future. While YB does not promote dropping out of high school, it is there as a last resort for students for whom all other intervention has failed.



Like SOAR, YB provides students with mentors, personal and professional development, and connections to employment upon completion of the program. A unique part of YB is the ability to get paid 32 hours a week, even while in the education-attainment phase of the program, as all participants must complete their diploma or GED prior to vocational training. This feature is what enables our young people to enroll and focus on their future without interference. With our support, YB will not only be able to return to a reasonable level of service- they formerly served 80 students per year and were also only able to serve 8 in their previous cycle- but they will be able to support participants better by hiring a Case Manager. YB participants have demonstrated challenges with overcoming obstacles, and a strong Case Manager is essential for our young people to meet their needs that can otherwise interfere with the program, such as child care, transportation difficulties, and access to medical care.