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Hate has no place here in Winston-Salem. Hate Out of Winston-Salem worked hard to bring down a Confederate statue, advocate for Black Firefighters in Omnibus, push for funds reallocation in the local police and sherriff departments, press to replace Stand Your Ground in North Carolina, seek to obtain a mental health mobile unit for Forsyth County and we will continue to work seeking social justice for marginalized and oppressed people. For far too long white supremacists and deeply embedded racist structures, policies and ideals have infultrated our community spreading the poison of hate and separatism. We serve notice to the racist, selfish and loathsome among us. It's Time For Change! Love, Equality and Justice will prevail and Hate Out Of Winston-Salem will not stop until we obtain just due for the Black and Brown people of our community. Join us in the fight!
Hate Out of Winston’s mission is to be a consistent voice for justice and to dismantle patterns of racism and injustice in the Winston-Salem community. Hate Out envisions a Winston-Salem where Black people and all marginalized and oppressed people live, work, and thrive in a Twin City that is racially equitable, liberating, and empowering.
We envision Hate Out Of Winston as ragtag radicals dismantling racism, fighting for justice, freedom and liberation. Advocacy In the words of Billy Preston, “Nothing from nothing leaves nothing.” Inaction, performative activism and conjecture is costing local Blacks their lives. Our city continues to face the unprecedented challenges of the COVID pandemic, African-Americans continue to face hate, white terrorism, and repeated brutalization by systems and law enforcement. Hate Out maintains that the most dangerous threat is apathy on the part of elected leaders and the power elite. As a result, we remain steadfast advocates for racial and social justice issues under the purview of the city of Winston-Salem by way of programs such as SOAR and Youth Build, educational justice as it relates to the history of African-American people, mental health advocacy and women’s issues. 


The Work Continues. More and more Black and Brown individuals in our community face social injustice and racism daily. There is Much Work To Do! Join Us Today!


Project Updates

Hate Out of Winston will not stop until there is 'Justice For All'. Please follow us on social media to view the latest news, issues and events we are currently undertaking.



The Work is Our Passion! Helping others is our focus. Change is inevitable. As we are dedicated to the local cause, lives are being changed. Don't take our word for it; click here for testimonials.

Collaborating For Change

Together Everyone Achieves More

It is with great pride that we partner with the Triad Abolition Project, NCSPAN, Drum Majors Alliance, WS Democratic Socialists of America, Forsyth County Community Bail Fund Fayetteville PACT,.......

Our Recent Accomplishments

Together we achieve much! Today we are collaborating to support Black Firefighters in Forsyth County in the efforts of Omnibus. Select the article below  to read about our journey in a flipbook..




 Hate Out Of Winston was successful in toppling racist symbolism and white supremacy rhetoric by continuously and strategically rallying for the removal of the Confederate Monument located in Downtown, Winston-Salem. The United Daughters of the Confederacy did not want to see the monument removed, but Winston-Salem's Mayor Allen Joines said it ultimately needed to happen and so the City took it down and moved it. This was a huge victory for Hate Out of Winston. Thanks for your support.

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We all deserve to be treated justly and feel safe.
Don't allow others to infringe on your rights. We Stand In Solidarity!

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